Project Introduction

This project is aimed to promote bioengery development for sustaiable agriculture and strdngthen national policy on sustainable bioenergy developement in ASEAN. All ASEAN member states will be engaged in the project through various activities such as: A regional workshop to review existing biomass models and practices that could be encourged and promoted. The of conduct pilot activitied in selected AMS on biomass town and community biomass energy promotion (biogas of biofuel). A second regional workshop to present the results of all pilot projects focusing on the challenges and lesson learnt, and the development of regional strategies and policy recommendations. The setting-up of an infomation-sharing system to strengthen national policy and interventions on sustainable bioenergy development. Recognising the above multipe importance and benefits of biomass energy for agricultural communites and rural development, the Japan-ASEAN intergration Fund (JAIF), under the Emergency Economic Assitance (EEA) Part B has offered a funding facility to support this proposed project.

Project activities & outcomes